Other Dog Grooming Scissors Ranges


To a greater degree, there’s nothing better than having the best pair of dog grooming scissors or shears to get the job done!  Take a moment to browse our exclusive range of Rose Gold Scissors.

Starting around 2015, Rose Gold grooming scissors became a big hit and are still extremely popular so you can be assured that this trend is here to stay.

As you can see, you also have the flexibility of choosing both Rose Gold dog grooming scissors as a standalone purchase or you may want to choose our  Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissor Sets.

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If having a fashionable elegant looking pair of grooming scissors is what you're looking for, then our Matte Black Collection is the perfect pick for you.

Our premium quality matte black dog grooming scissors collections and scissor sets all have a fabulous finish and a dramatic look that instantly emits professionalism

You’ll be surprised to learn that the matte black grooming scissors have proven to be a constant-favourite among our clients and they're one of our favorites too.

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Browse our range of Matsui and Kamisori Premium Steels grooming scissors and discover the best scissors available on the market today.

Our grooming scissors are lightweight, elegant and beautiful scissors that are manufactured with high quality cobalt infused steel to provide a longer lasting sharper edge.  This means you can cut for longer without the scissors going blunt.  

All our scissors are designed to be re sharpened multiple times throughout the life of the scissors saving you time and money on having to re-purchase new scissors.

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Discover our huge range of elegant, vibrant and fun grooming scissor colors.  In fact, you can pick your favorite color or choose from a combination of colors and have a different color for each different cutting technique.

Check out our popular and timeless rose gold or our professional and elegant matte black range of grooming scissors.  Don’t forget to browse our colored scissor sets and if you need to find our more please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

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