Are There Charges For Failing To Pay My Afterpay Installments On Time?

At Scissor Tech, we value our customer relationships and therefore do not not want you to lose the products you purchased from us. But as mentioned earlier, Yes, there are charges for failing to pay your afterpay installments. Therefore, it is advisable to remember to honor your afterpay installments. As a reminder, afterpay stores offer you a privilege to do fortnightly payments which is a good time window for you to fulfill your payment commitments. However, failure to do so will result in the following penalties:

  1. Fee for installment payment: $10 fee (Australia only)
  2. Fee for failure to make the missed repayment during that week: $7 fee Plus $10 (Australia only)
  3. Fee for missing all afterpay repayments: $68 (Australia only)
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