Haircuts for Poodles & The Grooming Tools You Need - Grooming Scissors

Haircuts for Poodles & The Grooming Tools You Need - Grooming Scissors

July 15, 2021

Grooming your Poodle at home can seem pretty daunting at first, but with the proper instruction and the right tools for the job, you'll soon find your feet and be a pro in Poodle haircuts!

Grooming your Poodle

Who doesn't love Poodles? These intelligent, social dogs effortlessly make the "best dressed" canine list year after year without even lifting a paw. But the truth is, keeping their lush, curly coat free of tangles and mats can be a full-time job, particularly as grooming contributes to a Poodle's health. Therefore it is vital to ensure you have time and resources to commit to learning how to keep your Poodles fluffy hair looking its best. 

Poodle hair - the basics

Even if you don't go in for one of the elaborate grooming styles that are all the fashion, your Poodle's naturally curly fur requires near-constant brushing, clipping and trimming. 

Although it often seems like Poodle's don't shed their hair, that's not the case; they do shed, but instead of moulting, their curly adult hair traps the shed hair, so it doesn't fall out, and this can develop into mats and tangles unless it's not continuously groomed.

Neglect your Poodle's coat, at your own cost, as you could end up with large vets bills resulting from painful skin infections or worse still, you could end up with a bald Poodle. As too-long-neglected coats often have to be shorn fully (here, think "sheep") to remove all the mats and tangles without damaging the dog's sensitive skin.

Professional grooming is highly recommended at least every 3 to 6 weeks for adult dogs.

Poodle grooming tools

Even if you plan to take your Poodle to the groomers regularly, you should still invest in an assortment of grooming tools for at-home maintenance, including various brushes and combs, electric clippers and most importantly, a high-quality Poodle grooming scissor set.

Poodle Grooming Scissor Sets

Scissors are best for performing quick touch-ups and overall trims, whereas clippers are a better tool for more intense cuts. However, it's essential that you don't use your household scissors on your Poodle as dog grooming scissors are specifically designed with them and their safety in mind.

Each trimming session should start with a thorough brushing, then start at the top of your Poodle's head and work your way back with the scissors, using a comb to help lift sections. Be sure to take care when trimming around sensitive areas of your Poodle’s body, such as ears, paws, and face. Remember to clean your scissors with rubbing alcohol immediately after use.

Types of Poodle grooming scissors

Typically there are three main types of grooming scissors for your Poodle: straight-edged, curved and thinning. The best materials for the scissor blades are stainless steel or titanium-coated scissors as they do not rust up. If you're new to grooming your Poodle, perhaps start with rounded tips and scissors, as they will help cut down on the risk of injury.

  • Straight-edged:This pair has a straight edge and is your go-to for the overall trims of your Poodle's coat.
  • Curved:These shears are great for targeted trims. The curved design offers more precision and is ideal for delicate areas, such as paws and around the face.
  • Thinning:You'll recognise these scissors by their toothed blades, which thin out, rather than cut, your Poodle's hair, removing small amounts at a time.

The best Poodle grooming scissor sets

Here at, we can offer you a choice of lightweight, beautiful, elegant Poodle grooming scissors, all made from premium Aichei Japanese cobalt infused steel, which helps them stay sharper for longer from trusted premium brands including Matsui and Kamisori.

Available in a set of three, that includes 7 or 8" cutting scissor, 7.5" curved scissor and 7", 46 tooth thinning scissor or as a set of fivewith an additional 6" ball tip scissor and 8" cutting scissor. All the Poodle grooming scissor sets at come in a choice of high-quality Rose Gold, Silver, or Matte Black finish and include a lifetime guarantee.

Brushes and combs for your Poodle

When it comes to adding brushes to your Poodles grooming tool kit, you should think about including both a curved slicker brush and a rubber-tipped pin brush with a cushioned pad. 

The curved slicker brush has fine wire bristles and should be used for the areas of short hair. As a tip, always look for one made of quality materials, as the wires will kink and bend out of shape as you brush.

Whereas the rubber-tipped pin brush with a cushioned pad is for any areas on the Poodle' coat that are medium to long in length and is usually the preferred choice for the curly hairs of the coat. Again as with the slicker brush, choose a quality tool that does not warp out of shape when used. 

When it comes to adding combs to your Poodle grooming tool kit, look for a two-sided steel comb and a serrated de-matting comb.

The two-sided steel comb comes with fine teeth on one side and medium teeth on the other so that you can use the one most appropriate for each body area. Typically, you should use the two-sided steel comb for Toy Poodles and Miniatures to comb their face and check the tangles' in their coat. Remember that tangles are often not seen; they are either felt or found, hence needing a proper grooming tool comb.

The Serrated de-matting comb comes with serrated blades that not only find the knots but can be effective at removing some of them (if found when they are small). It is recommended for Poodles that tend to develop quite a bit of matted hair but should never be used on their face or around their eyes.

Clippers for your Poodle

The final additionto your Poodle grooming tool kit is a set of electric clippers. These are an essential grooming tool no matter which type of clip your Poodle has, and there is a range of high-quality clippers to choose from available on the market.

The most important aspect of buying clippers for your Poodle is the various blades you attach to the end of the pet clippers, as these will determine the length of the Poodle's coat as you glide over it. For example, you would use a number 15 for a brief clip and a number 5 blade for an all-over puppy clip where you want to leave a layer of soft hair all over their body.

Poodle Grooming

Learning which tools you need and how to groom a Poodle comes with its inevitable learning curve. The very first time you try to brush, trim and groom your Poodle's coat, you will both likely be quite nervous.

But over time and with practice, you will both become more relaxed and comfortable with the whole process. However, for your Poodle's safety and your sanity, it's probably best to start out by doing basic coat maintenance at home and then perhaps take your Poodle to a professional grooming salon for more involved clips.

But whatever you decide, you can feel confident that your bond with your Poodle will deepen and that makes all of your invested time and energy well worth it.

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